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Chairman's Message

Every citizen of this country has the fundamental right to be educated; but only a fortunate few are privileged to get an opportunity to study in an institution that has a rich historical legacy. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is one such institution where only a chosen few manage to secure admission. Bhavan’s Usha and Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management (BULMIM) trains young managers with an ethical and social vision. It is an institution which firmly believes that highly successful corporate managers must be socially sensitive, true to their values and committed enough to deviate from the beaten track. The institution takes special care to ensure that students are motivated and trained to become job-creators. The world of Management is undergoing tremendous transformation. With globalization, new business opportunities are opening up. Management students can now seek careers in diverse domains – some traditional; some modern. Several students still opt for traditional career options like Marketing, Finance and HR in sectors like Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, and Pharmaceuticals. Simultaneously, students are also looking for career options in Media, Fashion Designing, Education, Training, Adventure Sports and Cultural Tourism. The more enterprising ones set off on an adventurous entrepreneurial journey. Interestingly, BULMIM looks into the interests of such diverse groups of students and motivates each one to fulfill his/her dreams. The institution has also introduced Chinese language and studies as a part of its Management curriculum to help students get jobs in a changing economic scenario. I thank each one of you who has shown significant interest in knowing about the institution. I invite students, parents, corporate managers and all other stakeholders to visit our campus and spend some of their precious time with our people. Everyone at BULMIM will welcome them with open arms and patiently answer all their queries.

Shri C. R. Gharekhan
Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi Kendra.
Former India's Permanent Representative to U. N.