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Term V

Financial Accounting Management Accounting Business Analytics Business Analytics
Marketing Management Financial Management I Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning
Managerial Economics Marketing Strategy ERP Theory & Hands-on Practice ERP Theory & Hands-on Practice
Organisational Behaviour I Macro Economics Doing Business in China Doing Business in China
Business Statistics Organisational Behaviour II (Group Processes)    Specialisation1- Elective Specialisation1- Elective
Management Information System Operations Research Specialisation1- Elective Specialisation1- Elective
Business Communication Legal Aspects of Business Specialisation2- Elective Specialisation2- Elective
Chinese Language  Chinese Language Specialisatio2- Elective Specialisatio2- Elective
Financial Accounting Written Analysis and Communication    
Marketing Management      
Term III Term VI
Financial Management II (Capital Structure and Working Capital Management) Specialisation 1- Elective
Economic Environment and Policy       Specialisation 1- Elective
Human Resource Management Specialisation 2- Elective
Research Methods in Business    Specialisation 2- Elective
Operations Management Project
International Business  
Strategic Management - I (Strategic Input & Formulation)  
E- Commerce  
Business Ethics     
Chinese Language  

Note: Courses Core/Elective subjects can be changed at the discretion of the institute.
❖Elective Portfolio
The following elective courses are proposed to be offered to the students in four different areas of specialisations. Students have to do six elective papers each in the two chosen specialisations. Actual offering of courses will depend upon the number of students opting for a course.
PGDM- Second Year - Area Wise Electives

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