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Programme Objective

Program Objectives PGDM


PO1: Ability to acquire and apply fundamental principles of management.

PO2: Ability to communicate effectively.

PO3: Ability to identify, formulate and model problems and find managerial solutions based on well-grounded management theories & practices.

PO4: Ability to conduct investigation and research in management and related field of study.

PO5: Acquisition of managerial competence in business administration and use of modern management tools.

PO6: Aware of the importance of sustainability and cost effectiveness in design and development of managerial solutions.

PO7: Understanding and commitment to professional and ethical responsibilities.

PO8: Ability to work and lead effectively in a team based environment.

PO9: Ability to be a multi-skilled manager with good managerial knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

PO10: Sensitivity to social, cultural and environmental responsibilities as a Manager.

PO11: Capability and enthusiasm for self improvement through continuous professional development and lifelong learning in their chosen domain of management subject areas.

PO12: A commitment to quality, timeliness and continuous improvement.