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Dr Renu Verma

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Dr Renu Verma –Associate Professor
Area: Economics & Finance
M.A. (Economics), MBA-Finance, Ph D
Dr. Renu Verma has 26 years of experience in teaching, research and academic administration. She has taught Economics, International Finance and Research Methods at graduate, post graduate and M.Phil. level in institutes such as Banasthali University and ICFAI Business School Gurgaon. Besides teaching, she has held many administrative positions such as Academic coordinator, Examination Coordinator, Summer Internship Program Coordinator, Research Coordinator at IBS.
She has also completed a research project sponsored by UGC. She is in the panel of Ph D guides of many universities and guiding several students. Eight students have a been awarded the degree of Ph D under her guidence. Her areas of interest are Macroeconomics, Banking, Women Issues, International Trade and Finance, Private Equity etc.  She is also a recipient of several awards such as The Best Teacher Award, The Best Research Paper Award, and The Best Faculty Guide for Summer Projects etc. during her academic journey.
She is a Certified GST Trainer from government of India.

Research Publications/ Chapters in Books/Books/ Paper presentation in Conferences:
“Critical Appraisal of Gadgil Formula”, Indian Banking Today and Tomorrow, Jan. 1991, pp. 1-3
“WHY GO FOR IMF LOANS?” 74th Annual Conference Volume of the Indian Economic Association 1991, pp. 170-171. 
“Economic Ideas of Prof. C.N. Vakil in the Fiscal Sphere”, 77th Annual Conference Volume    of Indian Economic Association 1994, pp. 65-70. 
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“Globalization of The Indian Economy: Some Critical Issues”, 79th Annual  Conference Volume of Indian Economic Association 1996
“Child Labor In India: An Overview”, 82nd Annual Conference Volume of Indian   Economic Association 1999
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“An Analysis of Inter-state Disparities in Banking Sector Development in India” contributed in fourth National Conference on Recent Trend in Finance and Banking (NCFB 2011), Kottayam, Kerala, Edited by Roji George, Subramoniam K., and Krishnan M., Published by Excel India Publishers, New Delhi
 “A Study of Inter-State Disparities in Banking Sector during Post Reform Period” contributed in 2012 (EPPICTM) International Conference and Published in Journal of ‘Review of Business and Technology Research.

❖ISSN 1941-9414, Vol. 5, No.1, 2012, PP.17-24.
“Nuclear Insurance In India- Need For Further Emphasis” IRDA Journal Vol-X, No. 6,  June 2012
“A Study Of Relationship Between Economic Growth And Banking Development In India: An Inter-State Analysis” contributed in 2013 National Seminar on ‘India Rising: Where are we in the trajectory’ at ITS- Institute of Management, Greater Noida. Published in Proceedings of National Seminar on ‘India Rising: Where are we in the trajectory’,

❖ ISBN: 987-81-928461-0-1
“A Comparative Analysis Of Conventional And Innovative Teaching Methods Of Imparting Management Education And Their Relative Impact On Enhancing Communication Skills Of The Learner” Paper Published in Unnayan-Journal of Bansal Management Group of Institutions ,Bhopal , January 2014, Published by Indra Publishing House ,
“Micro Finance : How Effective It Is As A Tool To Eradicate Poverty :A Comparative Study Of SKS And SEWA Model”  paper Published in Edited Book on “India at Cross Road: The Way Ahead” Published by LexisNexix-A Division of Reed Elsevier India Private Ltd
“A Study Of  Task Based Teaching Methodology And Its Impact On Employability Skills Of The Learners “Paripex-Indian Journal of Research , Volume -3,Issue-4,April 2014
“Finding Behavioral Caps In Capital Market Paths” Paper Published in Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Accounting and Finance -2014,Colombo ,Sri Lanka , May 6-7,2014
“Comparative Analysis of Popular Websites used for Electronic Filing( e-filing) of Taxes in India”, Paper published in  International Journal for Scientific Research and Development ,Voi-3,Issue -9, 2015.
“Status of Electronic Filing ( e-filing) of Taxes in India vis-a vis Other Parts of the World : A Snapshot” paper published in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 2015.
“Changing Face of Customer Relationship Management in New Age of Technology” Paper published in KAAV International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology, Jan-March, 2016.
“GST: The Issues, Concerns and Impact” Paper published in Chartered Secretary, The journal for Corporate Professionals, August, 2016.
“Payments Banks: A Right Step towards Financial Inclusion” Paper published in Portfolio Organizer, IUP Publication, June 2016.
“Fiscal Policy: An Analysis” Paper Published in Zenith International Journal of Business Economics and Management, June 2017

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops :
Paper Presented on “ Violence against Women: A Study of Women Students in the City of Gurgaon” in  Xth Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management, Centre for Public Policy,  IIMB  ,August 3-5, 2015.
Paper Presented on “Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion: A Study of Women living in Slums of Faridabad” in IXth Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management, Centre for Public Policy, IIMB, August 3, 2014.
Presented paper on “Enabling Growth in the Infrastructure Sector of India: Influence of Private Equity Investment” at the 4th International Conference on Management Practice and Research ,Organized by Apeejay School of Management ,New Delhi, July 25, 2014.
Co-author of the paper entitled “Finding Behavioral Caps in Capital Market Paths” Presented in the International Conference on Accounting and Finance -2014,Colombo ,Sri Lanka , May 6-7,2014
Presented Paper on “Micro Finance : How effective it is as a Tool to Eradicate Poverty :A Comparative Study of SKS and SEWA Model” at International Conference Organized by Indus Business Academy ,Greater Noida ,February  7-8, 2014
Participated in Eighth National Conference “Indian Capital Market: Emerging Issues” organized by    IBS Business School, Gurgaon, February 7-8, 2014.
Presented a paper on “Making a dent on poverty, Money alone does not help–The Sewa Way” in International Conference on “Women and Development” Organized by Panjabi University, Patiala, November 23-34, 2013.                                  
Presented paper on “A Comparative Study of Customers’ Perception Regarding Integrated Marketing Communication in Banks

❖(With special reference to ICICI and Punjab National Bank)
” in International Conference on ‘Recent Innovative Practice in Scientific Management’ organized by Bansal Institute of Management, Bhopal Sponsored by M.P. Council of Science & Technology, Govt. of M.P., Bhopal, October 2013.
Presented paper on “A Study of Relationship between Economic Growth and Banking Development in India: An Inter-State Analysis” contributed in 2013 National Seminar on ‘India Rising: Where are we in the trajectory’ at ITS- Institute of Management, Greater Noida. Published in Proceedings of National Seminar on ‘India Rising: Where are we in the trajectory’, ISBN: 987-81-928461-0-1
  Presented paper on “Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in India” in National Conference on Business Strategies and Economic Growth: The Way Forward organized by Poornima Group of Colleges, Jaipur, Feb 2012.The paper was adjudged second in the area of finance.
 Presented a paper on “A Study of Major Customer Centric- Approach Affecting the Choice in Retail Banking” in IES International Conference 2012, organized by IES MCRC, Mumbai, January 2012
 Presented paper on “ Awareness of Educational Loans Among Youths With Special Reference to Mumbai” in 4th International Research  Conference on Retail, IRCR 2011:Solutions For Better Retailing organized  by Department of Business Management ,Padmashree Dr D Y Patil University , Navi Mumbai, November  2011
Presented a paper on “Emerging Issues in Terrorism Insurance” in National conference on  "Insurance Industry in India: Agenda for Future", BHU, Varanasi, April 2011
Attended a 2 day workshop on “Research Methodology” in IBS Gurgaon, April 2011
Attended National Workshop on “Development of Self-Learning Material for Distance and Online Teaching” organized by STRIDE IGNOU New Delhi 14-18 feb 20111
Attended national conferences on “Indian Capital Market” organised by AIMA and IBS Gurgaon in 2009, 2010
Attended MDP on “Risk Management in Banks and Financial Institutions”, Organized by Era Business School, Dwarka, December 2010
Presented Research Paper on ‘Awareness of Educational Loans among Youth with Special Reference to Mumbai’ organized by PadamShree Dr. D.Y. Patil University, Department of Business Management. Nov. 2010
Attended FDP on Research Methodology Workshop in IBS Gurgaon, May 2008
“Sustainability of Indian Agriculture: Some Critical Issues” Paper presented in National Conference on Managing Growth of Indian Economy organized by Jan Nayak  Chaudhary  Devi   Lal Memorial College of Engineering, Sirsa, Haryana, March 5, 2008
“Micro Finance and Empowerment of Rural Women” Paper presented in 90th annual  Conference  of the Indian   Economic Association, organized by Hazratbul University   ,Srinagar , 25_  27 October  2007
“Vat in India” Paper presented in National Seminar organized by Maharanis College, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Feb 14-15, 2008
“Traditional Water Conservation Systems and Their Relevance at Present,”  paper presented in Annual conference of Rajasthan Economic Association, organizes by J. N. Vyas  University Jodhpur , December 2007
Attended INBUSH, 9th International Conference Organized by Amity International Business School, Noida, 21- 23 Feb 2007
“Issues for Working Women” Paper Presented, National Seminar in National Seminar on Women in Management, organized by Banasthali Vidyapith, Feb 21-23 2006,
Attended National Workshop on Research Methods in Management and Paper writing with Special Reference to Agricultural Marketing, Organized by National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, Jaipur and Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, March 2005
Attended the National Conference on “Indian Management for Nation Building: New Ideas for New Millennium”, organized by WISDOM, Banasthali Vidyapith, 27-28 November 1999.
Dadabhai Naroji and the Economic Drain” present paper in 78th Annual Conference of Indian Economic Association 1995, Chandigarh,
“Economic Ideas of Prof. C.N. Vakil in the Fiscal Sphere” paper presented in 77thAnnual Conference of Indian Economic Association, University of Mysore, 1994
Banking Sector Reforms in India during 1990’s (Policies and Prospects”), paper presented in 18th   Annual Conference of Rajasthan Economic Association, Banasthali Vidyapith, 1994,
Attended 2nd International Congress on Nutrition, health and Rural Poverty, Hindu College,   Moradabad, December 23-24, 1990